Medical Consumables

Quality care is a fundamental requirement for the National Department of Health in South Africa. In 2010 they have sanctioned specific quality standards for Medical consumables and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). At Impulse Sourcing we have strict Quality Assurance systems in place for all our procured consumables. These offerings provide assurance of personal protection to the Healthcare Provider and in turn ads to patients’ safety pertaining to in hospital procedures. We understand that your requirements can not be placed in a mold, we therefore partner with our Healthcare Providers to supply quality cost effective solution that will meet your unique requirements. 

Our Product Selection

Disposable Thermometers

New in the market, these Disposable Thermometers are accurate once off usage thermometers, for patients of all ages.  

ID Bands

We have bands for Infants, Pediatrics and Adults.  


Our needles come in different sizes and colors to suit the specific needs of a hospital.  

Sterile and Non-Sterile Gauze

Thin and often transparent fabric made from any fiber in a plain or leno weave. These gauzes are available in a range of sizes and specifications. We also have non-woven soft gauze in different sizes.  

Sterile and Non-Sterile Gloves

Safety gloves come in a variety of specifications Sterile, Powder Free and Latex Free  

Sterile Swabs

We have a variety of swabs all individually packed for various needs and in hospital use.  

Sterile Syringes

High quality syringes are important for all hospital procedures and are available in various specifications.  

We have many more products on request. If you are a Healthcare Professional and are in need of something not available in the market, we can source it for you.