Hospital Surgical Products

Surgical instrumentation and consumables enables doctors and nurses to successfully work in trauma and theater procedures. Impulse Sourcing brings you a complete range of products to suit the needs of all health care professionals in hospital trauma units. We have products for daily procedures as well as requirements for long stay patients. Part of our range of hospital consumables is illustrated below.

Our Product Selection

Anesthesia Mask

Face masks used during anesthesia process. We have another first for the industry a Colored and Scented Face mask that comes in an assortment of sizes.


We stock a range of cathers in cluding the commonly used Foley Catheter both in Latex and Silicone options in different sizes.

IV Infusion Sets

Sets use to administer an IV into a patient. The IV is connected to an IV bag.


Stabilization wire/pin used in orthopedic surgery. These are pointed stainless steel wires that can be used in multiple roles during internal fixation as a temporary measure before more definitive fixation. We have a high quality brand already used in hospitals around South Africa.   

Surgical Blades

Scalpels are precise instruments used for delicate procedures removing the skin and tissue layer or making precise incisions. We carry both the blades and the handles in different colors and once off disposable scalpels. 


Sterilized medical consumable used to hold body tissue together after injury or surgery.  

We have many more products on request. If you are a Healthcare Professional and are in need of something not available in the market, we can source it for you.